Meg is brown classic torbie with white. She is a large girl with exceptional type. Large ears well placed and long boxy muzzle. She is extremely easy going and loves everyone. She rarely meows, but rather opens her mouth and only squeaks are audibled. You might notice that she also has a checkerboard face, half red and half white, we think she is quite striking! Meg had 3 babies in her first litter early 2008, Figgy who now lives with John in Marin, OT (now Eddie) lives with Dorothy in the East Bay, and Verdugo. Her second litter with Kona includes Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn (an absolutely lovely blue torbie with white), The Wiz (now Tinsel) a brown tabby with white male that lives in Stockton with the absolutely darling Samantha, and Whatatrill Ruby Slippers who is a lovely hot hot brown torbie with white.

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