WhatATrill, Maine Coon Cats – Males

Introducing:  MaineSuspect Kemosabe of Whatatrill (Mo)

I have always had a dream of beautiful black silver classic tabby with white male.  How can we ever thank Sherry Campbell of MaineSuspect in LA for this stunning boy.  He’s a big guy for a silver, he is a hunk and still growing.  Always the gentleman, he always the ladies to have the best sunning spots in the house.  He’s my lap boy. Mo have a gorgeous pattern, lovely profile and massive head and body structure.  Look for Mo in the showhalls this summer.

HCM: n/n, Echo – tbd
PK: Def n/n
Hips: tbd

MaineSuspect Ari of Whatatrill

What a gorgeous boy!!!!  And we just love him to pieces.  Thank you, Sherry Campbell of MaineSuspect.  Ari is a brown classic tabby with high white, with a simply gorgeous coat and flowing plume for a tail.  He is stunning.  Large very well placed ears at the top of his head, big beautiful muzzle, large bones and a big big guy, and on top of it all he has a sweet outgoing personality.  He loves toys, and he loves to show…that’s good thing because he’s doing great in the showhall!!!!

IW, SGC, Whatatrill Stetson (Goofy)

Last August Silver Star and Scully had a litter of 3 boys. We lovingly called them the “Goof Troop” as they were always asleep on their backs as wee ones. When it came time to name them it only seemed fitting that we name them Donald, Mickey and Goofy. Goofy was in some awesome striped jammies (mackeral   pattern) that we often don’t see so clear and bright. So I kept my eye on him. His ears popped up and his muzzle popped out….and a show cat he became. Goofy is our first International Winner!!!!

He is TICA’s 2013-2014, 15th Best International Kitten of they Year!!!!! We couldn’t be more proud!!!!

Additionally he received his Supreme Grand Champion title in just 3 adult shows!  Go Goofy!!!!

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