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We show our Maine Coons mainly at TICA sanctioned shows, and occasionally at CFA sanctioned shows. We show across the country and Canada. Both associations have shows across the world. You might be asking yourself, why do we show? The basic answer is that we want to confirm that our breeding program is following the written standard that our registry has developed. We like the look of the TICA Maine Coon, it’s a little more extreme and feral (wild) looking.

We love to help putting on shows and I belong to two clubs in Northern California. The Fog City Cat Club in Pleasanton and Jazzy Cats in Sacramento. Putting on shows is a tremendous amount of hard work and a huge financial obligation. If you can attend we would certainly love to have you come by and see what all the fuss is about.

TICA’s show calendar can be found here: http://www.ticamembers.org/calendar/

CFA’s how calendar can be found here: http://www.cfa.org/exhibitors/show-schedule.html

WhatATrill’s Show Calendar

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WhatATrill’s Happenings


Photo by Chanan, all rights reserved

This is Silver Bells from Pam and Parker’s litter.

Formerly know as Juldy Garland.  Judy has recently been shown in two shows in Pleasanton and Lodi.  Although the competition has been very tough. We just love this photos of her showing off that wonderful muzzle, beautiful silver color, great ears andd lynx tips. Bells is loved and adored by Jennifer and afmily and lives in San Jose, CA.

Happy 1st Birthday to Penny and Dane’s 2/2009 litter!
This is little Zoe (above) and this is Zoe today below.

Her mom and dad, Janie and Phil sent us this beautiful birthday photo of her.  Isn’t she just gorgeous! Thank you to Janie and Phil for sending us this photo and loving and giving her such a wonderful home.

Photo by Phil  Johannes

January 2010

Happy New Year! Pinky started the year off right at the Portland TNCC show. The show had a special congress of Forest Cats (Norwegians, Siberians, and Maine Coons) on Friday night.  Pinky was given the honor of being Best by TICA judge Yvonne Patrick.  What an honor, and he received a huge gorgeous rosette, go Pinky! the rest of the show wasn’t too bad either, Pinky got 5 finals, including 2 Bests, a 2nd, 4th and 7th.  A great weekend for the pink guy!

October 2009

BlackBerry takes a road trip with my bestfriend Susan Mlburn of CascadeMtn Maine Coons to the show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The trip was well worth it as BlackBerry is awarded Best Kitten in show.  She finaled in 15 out of 16 rings (WOWZA)…Go BlackBerry! And….Susan’s girl Broadsway Arizona of CascadeMtn  had an absolutely wonderful show as well as she is now a Supreme Grand Champion… Congratulations Ladies what a wonderful.

March 2009

This beautiful painting of Sterling (from Penny’s litter last year) was painted by his artist owner, Lynda McGuire.  She has captured Sterling’s  wonderful playful personality.  Thank you, Lynda we are so flattered.

January 24-25, 2009.  Wow! What a show for Verdugo in Portland, OR.  With 70 adult cats competing Verdugo was 5th best overall! That’s with some very tough Maine Coon competition and some wonderful cats from all around the world competing.

October 25-26, 2008. Phew!  We are exhausted but what a fun show! It’s always tiring when it’s your club putting on the show, but all in all it was really fun. Parker brought home 7 finals and Verdugo brought home 11 finals (out of 12)! And she was 2nd best allbreed cat overall! Go get ’em girl!

October 3, 4, 5, 2008.  A Haunted Weekend in Lodi, CA. What a fun show. But since I was working it was super tiring. This was Verdugo’s last kitten show, and she brought home 8 finals, Parker brought home 5 finals and 2 of them were AB, Bests! the show was a ton of un, with costume contests and cage decorating contests.

September 27, 28, 2008. Another great weekend for Verdugo and Parker. Parker took home 6 finals and Verdugo 5 finals! Go kids.

September 19, 20, 21st, 2008.
The Whatatrill kids (Verdugo and Parker) had a fabulous weekend at the Silver Cats show in Reno, NV. Parker made his West Coast debut with a thunderous roar! Parker finaled in 7 rings, 3 AB, and 4 SP. Verdugo made 10 finals, 6 AB, and 4 SP. What a fabulous weekend, we had a ton of fun!

August 30, 31, 2008. Great news from the TICA Annual in Arlington, TX.
Verdugo received 2 AB finals and 1 SP final with 126 kittens competing!. This is TICA’s largest show of the year, and our pretty little princess did great. Verdugo received a BEST Allbreed from Alexey Shchuckin from the Netherlands, a 3rd Best Allbreed from Fate Mays of Texas, and a 9th Best Speciality from Laurie Schiff of Newport Beach, CA. You rock girl!