WhatATrill Favorite Links

Want to link to WhatATrill Maine Coon Cats? please feel free to save and download the banner below to place on your web site. Please link it to https://whatatrill.com – Please do NOT add the www to it. – Thank you!

If you can’t find a kitten with us, we recommend the following breeders:

Susan and Blair Milburn at: http://cascademountain.net/

Liz Hansen at:
Chemicoons:  http://www.chemicoons.com/

Emmons Brown at:
LAPD: http://www.lapurrd.net/

Mary Sietsema and George Eignehauser at:
Telecoons: http://www.telecoons.com/

Julie Averill at:
Averill Maine Coons:  http://www.averillscattery.net/

Mary Turcotte at:
Cameron Woods Maine Coons:    http://cameronwoodsmainecoons.com/

For further information:

TICA – www.tica.org

CFA –  www.cfa.org

How to bathe your cat (show cat):

Keeping your cat indoors: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/petcolumns/showarticle.cfm?id=294

We want an ourdoor enclosure, how do we go about getting one? http://www.cdpets.com/enclosure_kits.php