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WhatATrill, Maine Coon Cats - Retirees

RW, SGC, LAPD Scandalous of Whatatrill (Scully) 

Scully is simply a dream come true for us.  What a handsome young guy.  He is silly, playful, and always the gentleman about the house.  I can never thank Emmons and Lindy Brown of LAPD enough.  We are so proud to have Scully in our breeding program.  Scully has proudly done his job.  He will be looking for his forever home summer of 2016.  So if you think you might be right, drop us an email.

RW, SGC, Whatatrill Fruli (Pinky)

Wow! What a guy!  This is Fruli or Pinky as we call him. His name Fruli is a Belgain white beer with strawberry.  He was named in fathers honor (Highland Park).  Pinky is a very special guy. He blows everyone away who see him in person. Usually the first comment is, "He looks like a lion!' He does, he has a beautiful long flowing  silver and white coat with red on the top, huge well set ears, a large boxy muzzle, a beautiful profile and a personality to go with it all.  He loves to snuggle, and like his father, he will reach out and touch your face with his paws.

Photo by Cris Kelly

RW, TGC Whatatrill Megowatt (Meg)

Meg is brown classic torbie with white. She is a large girl with exceptional type. Large ears well placed and long boxy muzzle. She is extremely easy going and loves everyone. She rarely meows, but rather opens her mouth and only squeaks are audibled. You might notice that she also has a checkerboard face, half red and half white, we think she is quite striking! Meg had 3 babies in her first litter early 2008, Figgy who now lives with John in Marin, OT (now Eddie) lives with Dorothy in the East Bay, and Verdugo. Her second litter with Kona includes Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn (an absolutely lovely blue torbie with white), The Wiz (now Tinsel) a brown tabby with white male that lives in Stockton with the absolutely darling Samantha, and Whatatrill Ruby Slippers who is a lovely hot hot brown torbie with white.

CH Whatatrill Josette (Josie)

Josie is sired by Kona, and her dam is Verdugo.  We are so happy to have her.  Josie is a brown mackeral tabby with white, and what a lovely pattern she has.  She is a warm and wonderful soul.  She is everyones friend.  She loves to play and be the class clown.  We will look forward to her second litter in the Fall of 2014.


RW, GRC, Whatatrill Pants on Fire (Poof)

Poof is a one of a kind. She is a red silver classic tabby with white.  What a wonderful cat she is. She is a great mom, never leaves her babies, and will take care of anyone's babies if they are available.  She trills throughout the day, and talks to me constantly.  She is sweet as can be, purrs constantly, loves to lie in my lap, and give me kisses. Definitely mommas girl.  Poof now lives with Cindy and Melanie in Southern California....lucky girls.

RW, SGC Sarajen BlackBerry of Whatatrill (Beebs)

Wow! Wow! Wow! How can we ever thank Teri Matzkin of Sarajen Maine Coons for this beautiful young lady.  I have always wanted a solid black for our breeding program. My dream came true this year.  Beebs has chosen Nick as her human. He has trained her to jump on his shoulder, where she will stay as long as he will let her. We love her cute little voice and trills. She has become the nanny of the younger kittens making sure everyone behaves themselves. BlackBerry has now earned her Supreme Grand Championship title (go Beebs!).  We decided to keep Beebs as a pet....she is just too much a part of our family.

RW, CH Whatatrill Sedona (Cindy)

Out of Prada and Kona, Cindy gave us many beautiful babies over the years.

Now living the life with her new family  and Melanie in Southern California.  Poof is keeping her company as well.


CascadeMtn Malibu of Whatatrill (Bu)

Malibu, is a blue classic torbie with high white.  One of my favorite colors. This young lady is as much of a love as she is beautiful.  She loves nothing more than to head bum and rub my face, while talking the whole time. Bu was very easy to show, and had a very nice kitten career.  She started cycling early though, which shortened her adult career.  A big thank you to Susan and Blair Milburn of CascadeMtn for another beautiful girl!


Whatatrill Alaska

Alaska is a black smoke tortie with white.  A first for us.  She is just stunning!  She

now lives with Leslie, Rob and Prada in Santa Cruz, CA.  She is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Leslie and Rob say these two girls watch the people, birds and everything that goes on, on the Boardwalk everyday.  They are pampered to the highest degree.  Thank you Leslie and Rob for taking such wonderful care of our girls.


Photo by Cris Kelly

RW, SGC Whatatrill Verdugo (Peeps)

It's official Whatatrill Verudgo is our first female Supreme Grand Champion. Verdugo was able to achieve this title in just 4 shows! Wow, what a beautiful young lady she is, and she lets you know it. She loves to play with the judges and flirt with the crowds. Congratulations Verdugo! Verdugo is a blue mackeral torbie w/white she is extremely flashy and a good sized girl. Always affectionate, she loves her pets and loves to give head bumps. Although off to a rocky start she had become a wonderful nurturing mom.  Verudgo update:  Sadly we lost Verdugo to a Uterine Torsion. I miss her everyday, she was truly a gift from God.  May your journey over the Rainbow Bridge be a happy one my baby girl.  I will always love you.



RW, SGC CascadeMtn Kona Black Sand of Whatatrill


How can we thank Susan and Blair Milburn of Cascademtn Maine Coons enough for this wonderful boy. Kona is a large (18 lbs and counting), heavy, heavy boned young man. We love his big chunky muzzle, perfect profile and wonderful playful personality. Kona is now siring kittens, and the two litters he has sired have been spectacular. Kona is now living the life in Northern California. He long easy days with lots of pets and love, and all the food he can eat.



Whatatrill Violet (Vi)

Violet is from Penny and Kona's litter the Blue Angels. Violet is an incredible young lady.  She has the most gorgeous  classic pattern in a bright and crisp blue coat.  Her eyes will mesmerize you, and a wonderful personality on top of it all.   She loves to be with her people and as I type this she is cuddled next to me.  She loves warmth, and sometimes she can be found cuddling up with Molly the Chocolate Lab.  Violet has joined our good friend  Conny Kriendl in Austria. We are so proud and happy for both Conny and Violet!!!! We look forward to violet becoming a mommy we know she will be a great mother just like her mom Penny.





CH Whatatrill Prada


Prada has moved on to her forever home with Leslie and Rob in Santa Cruz, CA.

  She is living the life of a true queen now and loving every moment of it.   We are so happy for our beautiful girl. 

We hear she is teaching the other felines how to open cabinets....Oh, Prada....we miss and

love you


Whatatrill Ruby Slippers (Ruby)


Ruby is a brown classic torbie w/white.  She has lots and lots of that beautiful red in her coat.  You guessed it that's where she gets her name, she has two beautiful red stockings on her back legs. Her brother and sister were named, The Wiz, and Glinda (now Whatatrill Bella Luna of CascadeMtn).  Ruby is from Meg's second litter and Kona's first litter.  We are so happy with this wonderful litter of three we will be repeating this breeding again this summer. Ruby is now living the life in Livermore with her new family.  We look forward to seeing lots of pictures of Ruby in the future.





CH Tabbypatch Penny Lane of Whatatrill

Penny comes to us from Gerrie Martin of Tabbypatch Maine Coons in Oakland. She is a blue silver mackerel tabby with white. We just love Penny for her wonderful playful personality. She loves to play and fetch. Her kittens have been exceptional. Thank you Gerrie for entrusting us with this beautiful young lady. Penny has found her forever home with Raven and family up in Redding. How can we ever thank you Raven for taking such wonderful care of our darling Penny. Penny gave us 4 simply wonderful litters over the years.  You have earned your retirement Penny, we love you. 


Whatatrill Moonstone Breeze (Pam)

Pam is a black silver torbie with white. This is a relatively rare color and we are just thrilled. Pam is out of Dane and Penny. She is just a beauty and we are excited to see what color and type of kittens she will produce for us. She has an exceptional personality and she will always have a purr or a head bump for you. She loves to make biscuits on your lap and then pass out next to you. Today Pam live in san mateo with her new mom Margarett Anne, and they are the best of friends. Truly a match made in heaven.



RW, SGC Sarajen Highland Park of Whatatrill (Parker)


We are devastated with the loss of Parker.  Parker was one of a kind, he was very very special and we will never ever forget him. I can still see him floating across the hardwood floors, with his gentle elegant trot, and his beautiful tail flowing behind him. He loved whipped cream with a passion and I would grace my coffee each morning with a dollop and one on a seperate plate just for him. He had a low and deep voice that was unmistakable. Why one would leave us so early in life is for God only to know. Cancer in such a young animal is unusual but happens. The Rainbow Bridge came way to early. Rest easy my friend, I will always hold you in my heart.

RW, SGC Whatarill Dane C Firecracker (Dane)

Dane is our very first Supreme Grand Champion. It only took us 8 years to achieve our first SGC! Dane is an exceptional young man, he would blow the judges away with his great attitude and love of feather toys (usually eating them if he could). He has that wonderful red color and huge boxy muzzle and easy going disposition.


CH Coonyham Jack Daniels (Jack)

Jack is our very first Maine Coon (see our "About Us" page). We love and adore Jack. He is a true Maine Coon, with every Maine Coon attribute. He even has the classic squeak...he doesn't meow his mouth opens and only a squeak comes out. If you are on the computer he will be there helping you type, hence my spelling errors. Jack always has a head bump and a purr for you. Jack received a best kitten at his very first show, from then on I was hooked. But as destiny would have it Jack did not like being shown so our hunt for our next show cat began. See Bo below.

Coonyham Bolero (Bo)

The adage is, is that "Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one." And that's what happened to us...Bo is our second Maine Coon. A brown classic tabby with white, with extremely long lynx tips, big ears, long long muzzle, he is very feral looking. He is a big boy and walks on his tippy toes. He loves water and visits us every morning after our showers, lapping up the water in the shower pan.

RW, SGC Whatatrill Curacao Cosmopolitan (Cosmo)

Cosmo is our 2nd Supreme Grand Champion. He is a large boy and extremely playful. He loves chicken treats and cat nip, and when I say loves I mean loves. He gives big big head bumps and kisses. He loved showing and playing with the judges on the table, I used to call him Fabio as he has a wonderful full ruff in the winter time.   

Cosmo has been adopted by Ruth and Robert and their children in Reno, NV. Ruth and Robert ,have Cosmo's full brother Brady, and we are so happy these tow brothers are together again! We miss you Cosmo, but we know you are in wonderful hands!



CH Whatatrill Nicassio (Nicky)

Nicky was our first born male kitten. He is father to Dane pictured on our males page. Nicky captured our hearts from the moment he was born. He now lives with our good friend Richard in San Francisco. We hear he has taken over...and loves his new home, and being royally spoiled!

Our Maine Coon cattery breeds and shows championship cats and beautiful pet kittens. Our cattery is registered in CFA and TICA. We are located in Northern California.

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